Once a facility check has been completed, our volunteers will provide feedback on your facility and work with you on the next steps.

Because llamas are herd oriented animals, a single llama will not be placed in a new home unless there are other lamas at the facility.  Female llamas may not be used for breeding.  These pre-adoption steps and conditions are in place for the health and well-being of the animal(s).  They are backed by knowledgeable and experienced volunteers that will provide mentorship throughout the relationship.

The fostering process mirrors the adoption process; but, the llama(s) continue to be listed as candidates for adoption. The foster caretaker is responsible for shelter, space and feed. Veterinary expenses, if approved, will be reimbursed by the organization. Should the foster caretaker wish to adopt the llama(s) after a period of time of fostering, a discount is given on the adoption fee.

Facility Check Guidelines

View Adoption Terms and Fees


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