Aberrant Behavior Syndrome Jan 30th, 2023   [viewed 5640 times]

Aberrant Behavior Syndrome (ABS), also commonly referred to as berserk llama syndrome or berserk male syndrome (as it is more pronounced in males) is a psychological condition suffered by human-raised llamas that can cause them to exhibit dangerously aggressive behaviors toward humans because of over-socialization during the first 12 to 18 months - bottle feeding, over-handling and/or separating from the herd.

As a result, the llama may imprint on its human handlers to such a degree that it considers them to be a member of its herd. Often considered cute when they are small, an adult llama can seriously injure its handler with chest-butting, biting and mounting.

Any llama that invades your space or exhibits any level of aggression should be avoided. As a rescue organization, Arizona Llama Rescue will not foster or place any llama that exhibits these behaviors. We also discourage the practice of putting a cria (baby llama) in a petting zoo environment. It's unfortunate; it's not the llama's fault but that of irresponsible handlers and owners that fail to research the proper raising of a cria.